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 Michael Patterson, Chairman of the Board

I have been a part of The Child School since its founding fifty years ago. My daughter Anne was one of the very few first students. We were delighted to find TCS because, particularly back then, there were few schools that taught very young children with learning disabilities. Anne attended TCS for several years and benefitted enormously, moving on to a boarding school where she thrived. I have stayed close to and supported the school ever since and have been chair of the board of directors for decades.

To me, TCS performs miracles, and I know that the thousands of parents whose kids have attended the school agree. Students whose challenges seem almost impossible to overcome graduate from TCS and go on to colleges, jobs and other pursuits that would have seemed unimaginable. Their stories are truly inspirational.

This transformation is brought about by the school’s talented and dedicated staff and the enlightened philosophy and management of its leaders. There is no comparable experience for a child in the public school system and there are precious few other private schools that achieve comparable results for so many children.

Nothing is more important than the education of our youth and TCS truly works miracles.

Congratulations to The Child School on their golden anniversary.