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Executive Director

Vishu Grover

Welcome to The Child School/Legacy High School

As Executive Director of The Child School/Legacy High School, I welcome you to our website and offer you an invitation to visit our school.

If you are a student who needs a little extra support to do your best, The Child School/Legacy High School is a great place to be! Our students are bright, creative, and curious. They range in grade from Kindergarteners to the Seniors of Legacy High School and everything in between. They work hard in the classroom, enjoy the extra-curricular activities for fun and are successful in reaching their goals.

Our little ones learn to read, explore the world through science and social studies, and progress in math. As our students grow into their teen years and begin to focus on their place in the world, we provide them with the freedom to develop their various skills and interests so as a student you can learn what suits you. Are you an artist? A coder? A debater? A musician? Do you want to be a journalist? A coach? An IT guy? We provide you the chance to explore and then help you develop the career path to reach your goals.


That is what we are all about. We are a small school that can take you to big places!

If you are a parent, we can assure you that your child will succeed. We offer a small nurturing environment for children who learn differently and help them reach their full potential. Over the 45 years we have worked with children, we have developed and improved on strategies and have put in place an umbrella of “systems” which support students who need structure, routine, and order. In our calm learning environment, we are able to support each child’s individual learning style. Each of the three programs offer the students the supports needed for their developmental and academic demands.

Our elementary is a happy, busy place to be. The children love having lockers right outside their classrooms to unpack their belonging each morning. Throughout the day the activities alternate between “high concentration” subjects to a more active experience. Work is individualized so children feel successful. A reading support is available for those who need more help and math is regrouped in the upper school. The school centers around an outdoor garden complete with a Koi Pond and waterfall. The children use the area to grow vegetables, plant flowers, do science experiments, and relax. It contributes to the calm environment in the school.

Middle School is the most challenging of all the programs. Our 7th and 8th graders are growing up and we must change our environment to meet their varied needs. They now have locks on their lockers, and move from class to class. Socialization is of primary importance at this age so we make sure that they have opportunities to be with friends throughout the school day. Instruction continues to prepare them for the rigorous academics coming in Legacy High School. They need to begin exploring and developing their individuality so activities such as technology, art, music, drama, and sports become more important. By the end of Middle School some of our children are ready to return to the mainstream New York City Schools and we assist parent with this process.

Legacy High School continues with a small teacher/student ratio and individual support. At this age, students begin to learn for themselves, not just to please their family, connecting the education to their future. It is a good time for them. They develop more independence and continue to perfect skills in their favorite extra-curricular activities. The confidence they gain in the art class or on the basketball court are carried back into the classroom and into their personal lives. In Legacy the students can participate in the leadership of the school through the school newspaper, the yearbook staff, Student Council, and National Honor Society. They can experience college through a program called College Now or can sing and dance in our annual musical. Many volunteer through our partnership with New York Cares. Seniors experience the world of work with internships. As they approach adulthood many travel to and from the school independently and may earn privileges to buy their lunch outside the school. We like to think we offer the whole “high school experience” but with the support of caring adults who ease the way and help with the “bumps”.

In order to do the best for our students we must continue to grow and adapt to the best practices in education. One of the biggest changes is in the area of technology. All classrooms from elementary to Legacy make use of interactive white boards. We have two computer labs, and a computer teacher to support us in technology and we are in the process of adding iPads for the children to use in the classroom.


We, at The Child School, like to think of ourselves as family. We take care of each other and our students as a family would. When parents, teachers, and children – our family - works together we make magic. Every day at The Child School I see this magic happen in elementary, middle school and high school. I see our seniors graduate with confidence and am pleased to be a part of the lives of so many remarkable young people. Come take a look at us. We are a small school that takes our students to big places.