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The TCS/Legacy Parents Association (PA)

The mission of the Parents Association is to support the school and its families:

  • To ensure a high quality of education for our children, beyond state mandates, by raising money for the school.
  • To increase parent participation in the school and build a sense of community. We host educational lectures on topics relevant to raising our children and social events for families.
  • To facilitate communication between parents and the school.

We host 4-6 events every year where parents can interact with the school staff and one another. We sponsor lectures and social events and strongly encourage parents to attend these, where they can learn about the latest developments at the school.

If you can't attend, you can also share your thoughts or concerns with the PA Co-Chairs.

Our fundraising initiatives:

  • Annual Fund (year-round)--substantial financial support to go directly to school programs, to provide education beyond the mandates;
  • Holiday Fund—provides all TCS/Legacy staff with a cash thank-you gift (given once a year at the winter holidays);
  • Dance-a-thon/Walk-a-thon—our only student-driven fundraiser, in which students get sponsors to attend; the proceeds provide ongoing support for the athletic, music/theater, and art programs.
  • Gala (co-sponsored with the school's board of directors)—provides an undesignated gift to the school's operating budget each year;
  • Silent Auction (at the Gala)—provides money that the PA returns to the school for designated purposes 

TCS/Legacy Board Liaison and Gala Committee Chair: Gary Rome