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Our physical education department follows New York State requirements.

At The Child School/Legacy High School we believe that Physical Education consists of four main areas:

Specific skill building

Working on specific gross motor skills plays a huge part in a child's attitude regarding staying active. Acquisition of a skill can lead to success in many different PE activities. Being successful in physical activities leads to the greater chance that a youngster will continue to be active throughout their life. Hence, working on specific skills during physical education has much value for the future health and success of each of our students. 


Physical education offers a great opportunity for socialization. During this period, children are called upon to interact with peers and teachers in a manner far different from the structure of the classroom. Physical education class elicits a wide range of emotions. Our physical education staff is constantly called upon to teach children how to express and control their emotions and to negotiate and work together all of which enhance a child's emotional intelligence and better prepares him for life. 

Sportsmanship /Teamwork

It is a key component of a school to have a good physical education program. It encompasses a wide range of acceptable behaviors. A student must understand that the final outcome is not always as important as the difficult journey to get to that final outcome. That winning is not always as important as the great accomplishments made along the way. A student must learn how to accept losing and be a good winner. In order for a student to develop good sportsmanship it must be emphasized at all grade levels. The same sportsmanship values necessary for a good physical education/athletic program are the same values that are necessary for success in the “real world." Although it seems like sportsmanship in sports have seem to have taken a back seat to competition, sportsmanship is still a very important factor here at The Child School/Legacy High School. 

Adaptive physical education                                                                             

Whenever possible we run our PE programs as close to a mainstream PE program as we can. We always take into consideration students' individual needs such as sensory motor, fine motor, special awareness, etc. We have added programs to fulfill those needs and always work closely with occupational therapists and counselors to ensure that all students get the most from the PE program. 

At the Child School/ Legacy High School we believe that physical fitness, healthy living, and sportsmanship are essential parts of the education process that leads to success in the adult world. 

Teams and Schedules 

After-school participation is encouraged through our Co-Curricular Sports Program, providing team sports in soccer, basketball, softball, and track. Our teams travel and compete inter scholastically throughout the Greater New York Metropolitan area. 

Go Tigers! The White Tiger is the perfect mascot for The Child School / Legacy High School. It is known for being unique and majestic. In addition, the white tiger originates in India, the country of origin of our Executive Director and founder.