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Online Interactive Application for Admission

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If you are looking for immediate placement, please call admissions at 212-223-5055 and DO NOT continue filling out this form.

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(For students in grades 7-12)


The Child School/Legacy High School represents a chance to achieve things you may not have thought were possible in your life. Please answer the following questions so we can determine the kind of support you will require to reach your goals.


The essay is to be completed by the candidate applying for admissions to Grades 7-12. Families are requested not to assist in the writing or editing of this essay. This essay should reflect the applicant’s thoughts and feelings in their own words.

Please write an essay telling us about yourself. What do you think about school, home, and your future? and upload it as directed.

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In the paper version of The Child School/Legacy High School application, distributed on tours, the Teacher/Therapist Questionnaire is an optional form which can be substituted for the Current Service Provider Reports listed in the checklist above. Either the reports or the completed form is acceptable.

Please Note: Please ensure that you keep copies of all documentation as forms will not be returned after their submission.

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