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2016 - 2017 Events

Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year!

  • Scratch Buddies: In the Middle school, students have been learning a new tech program titled, “Scratch”. It is a block programming language that introduces students to coding concepts using fun strategies and colorful visual clues. Every student is able to learn at his/her own pace, some of them volunteering to help fellow students in other classes to learn the program. This new collaborative strategy of Scratch Buddies has been a great success. It’s very gratifying to see the Buddies ever eager to play the role of a teacher and help willing learners. Parents are encouraged to visit the site and explore what students have been learning. We had an award ceremony for all Scratch Buddies on Thursday June 14th.
  • Our Senior's Prom was held on Thursday, June 8th at Terrace on the Park. A lovely evening was had by all. We are so proud of our Seniors!
  • Jennifer’s 4th grade class was measuring weekly growth of their plantings in the Elementary School courtyard. They have planted squash, lettuce, and lima beans. Each student was assigned a plant to measure weekly with a ruler. Because of the recent rain, their garden is thriving. 
  • During our Senior Week for the Class of 2017, seniors enjoyed playing Black Ops Laser Tag on Tuesday, followed by a cruise set sale on Wednesday touring Manhattan's greatest sites. Our Legacy Seniors were stars on the dance floor, as other schools grouped around to cheer them on.
  • The TCS/Legacy 2017 Annual Benefit Dinner was a great success. It was held on May 24th, at Terrace on the Park. We had the pleasure of honoring our ex Governor, Hon. David Patterson. Three of our alumni- Zoriy, Thomas, and Daniel were also honored at the event.

  • On Friday, May 19, 2017 our Senior Class came together to create a mural made out of legos with C3Brix founder, Cody Wells. This mural will be hanging in our school as a Class of 2017 gift for the years to come.
  • Threshold Program: Ernst from Leslie University came to speak to our 11th graders about the Threshold Program on May 2, 2017. The Threshold Program at Leslie University, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a post secondary education program for young adults with special needs, helping students to live independently and achieve successful employment.
  • Today our Juniors and Seniors attended a resume/interview workshop held by Mr. Mace Brown, NYU Human Resource Business Partner. Students learned the dos and don'ts of interviews, resume writing, and cover letters.
  • All of Middle School and Legacy High School was out on a Walk-a-thon on April 24, 2017. One could see students and the volunteer parents cheering their children. It was a fun day for everyone in school!
  • Yesterday and today our Seniors attended a Financial Seminar at Amalgamated Bank on Roosevelt Island. Students learned the purpose of banks, uses of banks, different products banks offer, checking accounts, saving accounts, debit and credit cards, loans, mortgages, counterfeit money, among much more.
  • The whole school enjoyed a skating trip to the Central Park on March 24th , 2017
  • Here’s a showcase of our student art that reflects their work all through the year. Their art is the tangible evidence of their creative learning. We honor their work and hope it brings joy into our lives. 
  • Our NY Cares participants made over 40 cat toys to donate to shelters. These toys will increase the likelihood of adoption from shelters into loving homes. Students learned how NY Cares projects can also benefit animals, in addition to people around our community. 
  • The Annual Science Fair was held in the school gym on Thursday, March 16, 2017. It was a great learning experience for our students that taught them creative thinking. Making presentations of their projects boosted confidence and it helped them validate their scientific inquiry skills. 
  • Our 5th annual dance-a-thon was a success!! It was held on Tuesday February 28th. Our Elementary students had a blast engaging themselves with a variety of activities: freestyle dancing, face painting and the Tiger Head meet and greet. All students received a key tag with ear buds as a free gift. 
  • We had such a successful bake sale this week, making $180.00! All of this money will go directly to prom/senior week. We could not have had such an incredible turn out if it wasn't for our senior parents who baked/donated food, as well as our seniors for running the sale.
  • A bunch of 9th and 12th graders collaborated on a cultural equality mural. This mural will be donated to PS 30M to help their students celebrate a special multicultural event. 
  • On January 31st, a group of students volunteered at The Carter Burden Center for the Aging and delivered meals throughout Manhattan to the elderly. They went from one apartment building to another providing a hot meal to people who weren't able to leave their houses. Our students loved interacting with the elderly and felt very accomplished being able to provide them with lunch. 
  • As per our Kindergarten teacher, Lois', tradition, our Elementary students celebrated the Chinese New Year with their annual parade. This year was even more fun as other classes participated. Students dressed in red, made paper hats and dragons. They marched around the school shaking tambourines and chanting "Gung Hay Fat Choy" - a traditional New Year's greeting. They had a great time! 
  • The Junior class begin their study of the Holocaust by visiting the Museum of Jewish Heritage. Students gained a better understanding the historical timeline, and how this event touched the lives of individual families. They learned about Jewish culture and how families lived before, during, and after the War. The museum's photographs, artifacts, and video testimonies allowed students to deeply connect with some of the victims. The trip's admission and transportation was generously funded by the Museum and one of their sponsors. It was a wonderful way to help students make connections to the past. 
  • Students in New York Cares visited a food & clothing pantry bringing food, clothing, children's toys, and baby necessities to those in need throughout NYC. Our volunteers learned the process between receiving donations from companies to getting those donations in the hands of people in our surrounding community. We provided coats to almost 100 individuals, as well as diapers and food to thousands. 

  • On November 18th six of our High School students were inducted to the National Honor Society
  • The PA held their Annual International Potluck and Halloween Party. It was a fun night for all!
  • On October 19, 2016 Anti-Bullying Comedian, Keith Deltano, spent the day presenting to our students from grades K-12, as well as our parents. All of our students were incredibly engaged and receptive towards Keith's upbeat and interactive presentation. His blend of comedy and education helped our students to understand strategies to put an end to bullying. Students were able to make personal connections with Keith, as he shared his struggle with learning disabilities, such as ADHD, CAPD, and dyslexia. Once the presentation concluded, many students felt comfortable in sharing their personal stories with Keith. We saw an incredible bond develop between Keith and our Middle School students due to his ability to provide hope and encouragement to each individual.
  • Our NY Cares group read and sorted holiday gift request letters written by children, teens, and seniors in an effort to provide some cheer around NYC! 
  • We celebrated BENHUGS day on October 6th in memory of Ben Imbrogno, a Roosevelt Island resident.