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Legacy High School


Established in 1996, Legacy High School educates students, grades 9-12, with learning challenges. Legacy is one of the few state approved non-public high schools in New York City. Our institution provides students with the academic, emotional, and social support needed to succeed.

Our students and their aspirations are remarkable. Emotional and learning differences are seen as challenges rather than limitations and the students respond profoundly. In fact, they recently placed second - beating out schools the likes of Stuyvesant and Bronx Science - in a city-wide academic competition known as WorldQuest.

In comparison to the 64% graduation rate of New York City students, our students graduate at a rate of 94%. Moreover, 84% graduate with a Regents or RCT diploma, a notable sign of success given the climate of special education in New York's public school system where only 12% of special education students are receiving academic diplomas.

Given these notable accomplishments, it is no surprise that our students routinely gain acceptance to competitive colleges and universities. In addition to a plethora of SUNY and CUNY schools, students recently were admitted into American University, Wagner College, Adelphi University, The University of Hawaii, Drexel University, Bennington College and many more. Even more impressive is the fact that our students receive a great deal of financial aid to attend these institutions.