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Middle School


Initiated in 1991, Middle School Prep educates students in grades 7-8. Our over-arching purpose is to promote learning, to meet the unique needs of early adolescents, and to support a successful transition to high school. With one teacher and teacher assistant for every twelve students (12:1:1), we accomplish our goals annually.

Many of our students have had the misfortune of having their full potential inhibited by academic and social insecurities, anxiety, low self-esteem and/or behavioral difficulties. Our school is a learning community where our students can feel good about themselves and about their academic performance.

Ultimately, our middle school program seeks to develop the self-esteem and skills essential to build a solid foundation for our High School Regents curriculum. Our guidance counselors and teaching staff also seek to support those students who wish to explore outside high school options. Each year over the past several years, our students have been accepted into to competitive New York City specialized, vocational and talent-based high schools.